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Footage Only - Package

We can just film it for you and leave you to do the editing. With this package we record all the film and sound that we would if we were going to make a film, but we don't edit. We just supply all the files (video, sound) to you on a hard drive that you provide. On a usual shoot we would generate around 100Gb of files from the various camera.

It’s important you understand that you are getting the raw footage only. While this does give you all the raw materials to make your own film - they’re not really what you would sit back and watch (the 50+ snippets) as there is also the camera being moved, out of focus material in the raw. This is then normally cut out in editing to create a film.

In some cases like the ceremony and speeches I use more than one camera, so you’ll end up with a couple of different angles of your event which you could edit together.

Example of Footage Only